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Since the beginning of Google, webmasters and SEO consultants have tri their best to bypass the ranking algorithm to the benefit of their website. But the days when the search engine could be tighten to a boile noodle are long behind us, and it is good that search engines are taking these steps. If you do SEO smartly, well, and think about people and not how the algorithm works, you won’t have to worry about any other similar algorithms and their updates in the future.  I see Jaroslav I see This year’s Marketing Festival, the first in Ostrava, was mark by programmatic advertising, automation, data analytics and user experience.

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Link building, content marketing, product comparators, affiliate marketing, emailing or copywriting. In previous years, Jindra Faborský entertain the festival audience with world-class stars. After Avinash, Cyrus, Larry Kim and more, this year’s lineup was without a true global marketing celebrity. Even so, the program was pack to bursting, and every Chile Phone Number List participant could find something for themselves in it. The following lines summarize what caught our attention in Ostrava’s Gong on the penultimate weekend in October. Lucie Šperková – Pioneering multi-channel attribution for the lack of comprehensive solutions In her lecture, Lucie perfectly connect science, academic approach and business practice.

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She reminde that half of the marketing costs are thrown out the window. However, evaluation via last-click does not tell us which half it is. In order for marketers, account managers and others to know where to invest money, they need to understand the journey and motivation of each session customer . Key to this is predictive customer behavior DX Leads modeling , which identifies conversion channels and the likelihood of conversion for non-conversion channels. The message of this very thought-provoking lecture could be summarize in the following points Only data-driven attribution makes sense.

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