The Category Must Always Clearly Identify The Type Of Product

The name should not be generic eg Engine . Include the manufacturer, series and product number there. Heureka is lenient, luckily you don’t have to strictly adhere to the mandatory data, but the closer you get to them, the better the products will match you. If there are product variants that differ in color, dimensions, flavor, quantity and other attributes, it is necessary to distinguish all these parameters in the product name so that they do not merge into one. The tag, on the other hand, is an optional tag that can contain your unique extended product name. But he also has his limits – be sure not to include in the tag.

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To the PARAM tag Availability – list in the availability feed Authorized Dealer – You must provide verification here Personal collection at X branches – you write to the administration at Installment sale Discount on next purchase. and another form of Luxembourg Phone Number List expressed discount: immediate discount, promotional price, bonus.  Proper use of these tags is really important. Heureka wants to keep order in its garages, so from September , it plans to punish those e-shops that do not meet the rules. Make sure you have it right. Category – probably a different gang, huh.

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To The Delivery Tag Distribution Belongs

By filling in the mandatory tag Heureka places your product in the appropriate category. So the right category is the key to successful product matching . They are written using the space | space SUBCATEGORY, for example Electronics DX Leads Television | LCD television. Always enter the correct path in the category according to Heureka. You can find the tree of active Heureka categories here . of your products Where do you have the VIN of the products in the XML feed? In the. This mandatory item, which is not matched, is used to identify the product, even if you change the product name or URL.

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