The Challenges Of Quick-commerce Players

Quick-commerce is thus particularly develope in the fast food sector , and more broadly in food shopping . Quick-commerce is a branch of e-commerce . The entire purchase process takes place online. Who are the quick-trade players? Quick-commerce players are mainly British, German, French or even Turkish start-ups . The best-known startups are the Turkish Getir, the French Cajoo, Frichti and Kol, the British Dija, the Italian Everli, the Dutch Picnic or even the Germans Flink and Gorillas. They operate on the fringes of the major players in distribution , such as Carrefour, Leclerc, Monoprix, and those in online commerce (Amazon, Ocado). Quick-commerce why is it trending.

Omnipresent in the city centers

Of French metropolises , express shopping delivery companies have made themselves indispensable in a very short time. It is therefore more than a trend . If quick-commerce has explode in the context of the pandemic, it seems to have become essential in the Latvia Mobile Number List daily life of consumers. Just look at the figures to understand that quick-commerce has a future 9 billion orders just for the year 2020, and this for 22 countries. If this volume is still marginal compare to other areas of distribution, it is nevertheless revolutionizing the codes of the sector. With a forecast of nearly 450 billion euros in turnover, quick-commerce seems to have a good time ahead of it.  or how to perform.

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In order to provide the best customer

Experience both quickly and easily, quick-commerce requires companies to overcome a number of challenges. 1. Deliver in record time This DX Leads challenge seems to be redundant for Q-commerce. However, it is essential to remember this because it is the raison d’être of this type of e-commerce. If your customers are not delivered in less than half an hour , or even fifteen minutes, they risk turning to a competitor. 2. Assess customer needs to limit referrals To deliver quickly, it is essential to reduce the number of references as much as possible , in order to limit stocks and not waste time looking for products when preparing the order. The offer will therefore be less wide than what supermarkets offer as part of their drive.

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