The Click-through Rate Of Individual Search Results

These will probably be even more visible. Maybe there will also be products from rd party servers speculation . For queries where it makes sense, Seznam will increasingly prioritize paid listings from . The importance of mobile SEO will also grow for Seznam. Sooner or later, the mobile index will separate from the desktop one, and it will be necessary to access both individually. Traffic from direct inquiries will stop working as a traffic source . Visitors will learn information about opening hours etc. in the search results and will have no reason to click through to your website.  CTR SERP will decrease dramatically.

This Has Been Happening For Some Time

At the moment, it is no exception that the click-through rate of the first natural position in search engines is below for a number of projects. Some even below we will cover this topic in detail in one of the next articles . Optimizing for individual keywords Bahrain Phone Number List and pushing for their placement in search results will make even less sense than before. At first glance, all bad news for SEOists. It may seem like the heralded end of SEO is here. But there is no reason to panic. SEO is not dying. SEO is just changing . Fundamentally. For a long time now. First on Google, now also on Seznam.

Bahrain Phone Number List

But We Can Expect An Even Bigger Slide

And we must change with him. It is no longer about positions in search engines. To succeed, you need to embrace and understand SEO more broadly. To succeed, stop solving SEO and start solving search engine discoverability. You need to be clear DX Leads about where you want your website to appear for each type of query. Whether it is more beneficial for you to show a potential client a map result e.g. store address , a product, a natural search result or a paid result PPC instead. If it is better to focus on local SEO, mobile SEO, devote efforts to optimizing product comparators or rather to content creation.

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