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It is also possible to bid according to the situation on the stock exchange, according to the course of sporting events, etc. Quality Score is actually a predictive CTR. Take advantage of a person’s influence and reactions . You will always have an advantage against full automation – because you can change your strategy more flexibly. Google says mobile is yesterday’s thing. AI artificial intelligence will decide AI assistants – in Frederick s case it was Amazon s Alexa – don t work in a lecture hall with slow WiFi Marcus Tober – SEO Has Change Forever – Why User Signals and Content Relevance Became the Most Important Ranking Factors The entire conference start with this lecture and was about the past.

Present And Future Of Seo

Shyam at Dublin ‘s XE Digital . Marcus recalle the fact that classic SEO factors that work in the past and had a major influence on search engine algorithms simply do not work so much today. Algorithms have change and search is flexible and not static Cambodia Mobile Number List as it use to be. People search differently and the results at least in the case of Google change base on the user’s location, their need, the type of query, etc. And so the SEO of the future is no longer only about keywords in the title and H or internal and backlinks, but primarily about the content, the topic and what interests your target group.

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The Future Of Retail

According to their study, each type of content in a different environment has different evaluation factors – so everyone has to find their own in their industry. Across fields, it is quality and relevant content that wins. You can download his presentation here. Kevin Hillstrom – How is Like Professional Sports Kevin’s lecture was DX Leads about customer loyalty and lifetime value , which is often forgotten in e-commerce. He constantly compare the industry to what, for example, sports clubs do to build a long-term relationship with fans. Some of the points he mention We have little focus on customer retention.

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