The Gift Card Can Be Used In All The Stores

Of the brand in question, and also online; the number of uses The user can divide his expenses into one or more times; the period of use The period of validity of the cards is often between 6 months and one year. Gift cards what are the advantages for online merchants? On the side of the online merchant, the benefits are obvious. Increase revenue With the gift card, the merchant is often a winner. He has the certainty of not earning less than the value of the card , whether the beneficiary uses it or not. It happens that the cards are left in a corner and forgotten.

The card is also a smart way

To get the user to spend more , as they don’t want to miss out on a single penny of their gift. It is indeed quite rare that the value of the card is precisely spent if the beneficiary chooses items worth €29 on a €30 card, the merchant has therefore won an Kazakhstan Mobile Number List additional €1; if the beneficiary exceeds the amount offered by the card, failing to get it right, the merchant still wins. The card has in fact led the beneficiary to want to take advantage of the least euro of his gift, even if it means exceeding the value offered and spending money. Choosing €31.50 worth of products means giving the merchant €1.50 more. Quickly bring in cash Being an intangible product, the gift card allows cash to enter without difficulty.

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She was also a great support

For traders during periods of confinement. Reach new prospects With the gift card, you can reach new prospects. The purchaser of the card may DX Leads offer it to someone who does not know your brand . The beneficiary of the gift card does not become a customer, since he is content to use the kitty materialized by the card. However, he discovers your products . If he is happy with it, he may come back to your online store to make purchases this time as a customer. Build customer loyalty When a gift card buyer chooses a brand that the recipient of the voucher knows, appreciates, and whose products he regularly buys, this marketing strategy is then a way of building customer loyalty.

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