SEO and customer experience united with the Google Page

In SEO, the customer experience will soon become inseparable from the referencing of a website! Officially announced, the Google Page Experience update is expected to roll out by May. An announcement that will undoubtedly lead many SEO players to review their clients’ web pages. Natural referencing goes up another notch for the hardness of the positioning of its web pages. Google Page Experience + SEO: User Experience 1 If Google algorithms are constantly being updated, this one has been hanging over us for years. It is not devoid of common sense and logically comes to wedge itself in the middle of the latest rules imposed by Google. A secure website with the HTTPS protocol, which is mobile Friendly with pages that load quickly, are already criteria that contribute to a good user experience . Advertising will also be targeted so as not to penalize Internet users during their visits.

The HTTPS protocol Security

If the HTTPS protocol is not a rule that visibly improves a site, it is on the other hand a criterion that secures data exchanges and reassures the Internet user. Google has been talking about it Uruguay Phone Number List for years and encouraged many sites to switch to HTTPS. This is a first point! If it is not already do, it is a question of doing very quickly to allow your users to access your site in a secure way. Conversely, it risks being block before even reaching your content. For assistance on setting up the HTTPS protocol , check with your host. 2. The Mobile First Index: Loading Time As everyone knows, the mobile has become the first device on which Internet browsing is the most important. A finding that quickly encouraged sites to improve their design, especially for those that were not yet responsive. The Mobile First Index: Loading Times But that’s not all because the mobile.

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In conclusion

Over the years, SEO has hardened, and the ability to position content among the top search results becomes difficult. Google puts forward many criteria and algorithms that can penalize a site if it does DX Leads not respect the recommendations. The main Google algorithms are to be respect as well as all the rules announce. But is this enough to obtain a good referencing today? If SEO remains an inexact science. It is because it involves many parameters such as the age of the site (its URL). The structure of the site, the loading time of its pages. The mesh, the backlinks receive, content optimization and relevance, etc. To be able to bring them all together is a constant struggle to which new criteria are always add and among these. User experience. If a site is well monitor, well optimize and is the subject of particular care from an SEO point of view. It can continue to evolve.

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