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Which will show you the character count every time you highlight any text. And when you install the extension, it can do even more. Removing diacritics from the text – Remove diacritics If you need to remove accents from text, the Remove accents tool will help you. The most common use of the tool in our country is during the design process of creating URL addresses , when you need to get rid of diacritics in word combinations. Removing extra spaces in the text – Remove extra spaces When exporting text from different systems , you can often find that the text contains more spaces between words than it should.

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This tool will reliably help you eliminate these ailments. Capitals, capitals, lowercase – Sometimes you will need to convert the text completely to ALL CAPS , capitals, or have the first letter of the word sentence always capital capital and the Nepal Mobile Number List other letters small minus . Of course, you can rewrite it yourself, but if you need to process this operation for a large amount of text, use the tool, which will do it in no time. If you’re on a Mac, I’ll again recommend the Pop-clip tool , which if you download the extension , will do the same for any text selection.

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Regular expressions Generating regular expressions –  and you are not a complete professional in them, you will definitely appreciate the tool from the Luna Metrics workshop. We use it most often when we need more advanced filtering in Google DX Leads Analytics . Checking and explaining regular expressions – Regex Are you one of those guys who don’t need the above tool for creating regular expressions, because they are able to write them themselves? Then you might at least use a tool to test them and explain exactly what the regex does.

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