The Impact of Ios14 on Digital Marketing Strategies

Earlier this year Apple officially released the updates for the iOS14 operating system. These changes represent a paradigm shift as they include strict privacy restrictions that directly affect companies and Digital Marketing strategies with a special focus on e-commerce and Social Ads advertising campaigns. From now on, it will be necessary for all apps to request individual permission from the user to track their activity (Apple’s Tracking Prompt) instead of being able to do it by default as before. This new regulation will have a direct impact on retargeting, optimization and measurement strategies, both for App and Web Mobile campaigns.  Both Google and Facebook have positioned themselves in this regard with two very different approaches.

What consequences does iOS14 have on Facebook Ads campaigns?

We will have a maximum of 8 conversion events per domain. The domain must be verified by the client itself. This limitation applies to domains, not to pixels themselves. We must take into account the get nigeria phone number importance of ordering these 8 events according to the interests of our business.If you are using any app tools (FB SDK, App Events API, MMP SDKs) you will need to configure your conversion scheme if you intend to optimize for in App Events, Value & Mobile app installs with Automated App Ads.

How should we prepare our App Campaigns for iOS14 in Google?

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How should we prepare? We must verify our domain in the Business Manager. All apps must submit information about their app’s data collection practices through Apple’s App Store Connect. To DX Leads this list, we must add the latest format launched by YouTube: Audio Ads . An audio-only format, aimed at those who use the platform to listen and not see. This new ad format is made up of a still image or a simple animation, accompanied by an audio recording where the actual communication takes place. Users are consuming more audio content than ever (podcast, music…), yet this novelty is still in a beta stage.

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