Will SEO go beyond SEO on the Internet in 2022

Is SEO just a question of SEO on the Internet? If we reason from the point of view of the meaning of the term SEO: Search Engine Optimization or content optimization for search engines, we could say that it stops there! It’s a bit like the community manager that is translated into French by community animator . The CM animates a community, and it could also stop at this mission. Except that in both cases, SEO like community management, a lot of things are hidden behind, and even more over the years. If these 2 professions are not re-divided, they will gradually become unfortunately catch-all universes or rather badly perceive by companies. SEO and web writing: do not confuse them! SEO is not just about copywriting and keywords! As such, he should not be confuse with the web editor or SEO editor, who is mainly content-orient, and not technical. By technique we mean the optimization.

What exactly is SEO

In the strict sense of the term, it is about being able to gain visibility on the Internet thanks to its website, and the content it broadcasts. SEO calls for technical and editorial skills, when it comes Ivory Coast Phone Number List to producing content and positioning it as close to the first position in Google . And if we often only raise Google, it is just a matter of monopoly here, but all search engines remain concerned when we talk about SEO. What exactly is SEO? Another term used, natural referencing , which refers to free levers to optimize its positioning on search engines. However, I put it more under SEO, because we don’t really talk about the technical side of a site when we bring it up. It’s a very simplistic definition, but behind it hides a multitude of things and skills to have to take full advantage of this lever.

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Content is no longer enough in SEO

Clearly, even if an editor perfectly optimizes content. It will be useless if the site does not meet the rules laid down directly. Or indirectly by search engines and in particular Google. To hope for good SEO, a site must load quickly, be in HTTPS, have its code also be SEO friendly. Regularly distribute content, alternate DX Leads between long and short articles, etc. Even by respecting these rules, you are only starting your work in SEO. Because this is the base, or the foundation on which a web editor will work. Who will also know all the tricks of web writing and its optimization, but without being an editor. These profiles are able to optimize content, generally an editorial article. So that it can position itself better on search engines. When we talk about a web editor or SEO editor in particular, only the content comes into play.

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