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Data that can be easily falsified does not bring any added value to the user, and therefore we will not see the implementation of structured data on Seznam anytime soon. Author’s note Structured data manipulation does occur in practice. However, this is not a general trend. This is a double-edged sword that can very easily turn against the e-shop owner. Google has therefore been using structured data for many years. On the other hand, we are in the Czech Republic and the local population has an above-average tendency to look for the shortest way to the destination at any cost. Therefore, I understand the decision of Seznam.

Currently The List In The Search

Results personalizes the so-called trailers. In practice, this manifests itself in the way that you receive the map background localized according to the place where you are. Seznam wants to expand and develop this principle in the future. In the foreseeable future, however, we will not see personalization at the level where Seznam would know the Australia Mobile Number List user, his history and profile. Google dissects Javascript in more detail than the List, which results in a lower indexability of the List lower number of indexed pages . If you have a page link hidden in some more sophisticated way using Javascript, it is very likely that Seznam will not discover it.

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Personalization Of Search Results

If it receives them on a larger part of the website . So, if you redirect the URL based on cookies, it may happen that you bring the robot to the wrong URL. So he may never find the right one. Canonicalization and pagination with rel= prev & rel= next – Seznam would like to implement this type of pagination solution for product listing in e-shops. However, they will not DX Leads use it in the discussion forums. Penalization – The list does not want and will not inform webmasters that their website has been manually or automatically penalized even in the future, although it is clearly able to identify the reasons why this happened.

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