The Main Goals Of This Hardware Boost Are Probably

The gradually decreasing share of Czech searches will probably accelerate even more with the importance of mobile searches, in which, unfortunately, Seznam cannot compete due to the absence of Google’s own platform. The situation will not be improv even by the own browser , which is currently promoting through TV ads. That is why some time ago Ivo Lukačevič et al. the overall strategy and from the original full-text search engine gradually transform Seznam into a kind of multimedia house. The concept is clear – to prepare for a decline in income from Sklik.

To Find A New Niche

Has decide to take a piece of the TV ad revenue for itself, and it’s clearly succeeding. Successes are mainly brought about by own work on One Man Show, Kancelář Blaník… . However, Seznam is not giving up even in the field of search Armenia Phone Number List services, as evidence by this year’s dramatic expansion of hardware capacity. According to Dušan, these are about , new servers for about million crowns, which will improve the indexing capabilities and speed of robots. a bit broader. Seznam did not invest such funds just for nothing. With this step, in my opinion, he is preparing for fundamental changes in mobile search see List priorities below.

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Which Will Surely Come Sooner Or Later

Better and faster processing of data from the, and services see list priorities below , processing of quick replies to direct replies see List priorities below , probably also the integration of purchase data products from rd party services. It is logical that Seznam will not want to reduce its profits, and therefore will push its paid DX Leads services into full-text results more and more. stagnates, or rather, it is losing its market share at the expense of, and the newcomer Amazon can break its neck completely.

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