The main KPIs in SEO Part 1

In SEO , it is essential to follow your SEO optimization work regularly. Firstly because the evolutions in the spheres of referencing are numerous. And because it is a universe where one cannot rest on achievements. It is therefore essential to choose your. KPIs – performance indicators carefully to analyze and control. The scope of your actions in natural referencing. Article in 3 parts 1st part: The main KPIs in SEO. Part 1 Part 2 The main KPIs in SEO – Part 2 Part 3: SEO KPIs and the different objectives What is a KPI? The English term KPI is an acronym which means Key Performance. Indicator or key performance indicator if it is translated word for word in French. We speak more commonly of performance indicators in digital marketing in particular. Or for any online action requiring monitoring of the evolution of its objectives. Key Performance Indicator The KPIs are steps that inform us about.

SEO indicators What you absolutely need to know

Before addressing the central point, it is essential to know that your indicators in terms of natural referencing are not to be analyzed independently of each other, and that they must sometimes be Bahamas Phone Number List compare with other factors. Some KPIs will often be analyzed in parallel with others, in order to better understand the values ​​recorded. Others will require bringing its values ​​closer to your content and targeted objectives. Thus a low or high value has no meaning if it is not well interpret in view of your objectives. A high number of unique visitors can be a good point if we isolate it, but if we realize that the duration of sessions is less than a minute on long content, it deserves some attention. We can place an obvious question here: do you need long or short content in SEO.

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5 essential KPIs in SEO

We will see here 5 major KPIs in SEO and not all of the existing ones. Because they are very numerous, which is the case for example in e-commerce, and when doing lead generation . As such, we could already raise the filling rate of a form . It is an indicator that will show you at which step (field) you will have a DX Leads more or less important abandonment rate. It is therefore thanks to this follow-up that you will be able to readjust your form and possibly reduce the number of fields. Note: FYI, 5 other SEO indicators will be cover in the second part of this series of 3 articles. If this type of KPI is neglect, it is obvious that the performance of the actions carry out will be lower and that the impact on your business will be felt. It is therefore important to follow the SEO KPIs well in order to maintain the highest possible performance rate.

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