The Merchant Site Already Accounts For 5 To 6% Of Export Turnover

Julien Scheickardt, Chief Digital Officer Les 2 Marmottes Internationalization in sight Increase traffic, AB test, offer exclusive experiences on the web and finally… internationalize. Today, Les 2 Marmottes markets its products mainly in France with a few selective points of sale abroad. mainly in neighboring French-speaking countries. Sales made to a relatively captive target who drank infusions and teas during a stay in France and then ordere it remotely. For tomorrow, we have a more global reflection within the company, namely how to attack the Anglo-Saxon markets, including the Unite States, with our brand, Les 2 Marmottes. Julien Scheickardt, Chief Digital Officer Les 2 Marmottes E-commerce to broaden the target In a booming market that tends to catch up with that of tea, particularly in France.

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To meet the expectation of a spicier and more fruity taste. The brand thus wishes to compete with soda with a more natural alternative offer. New uses, such as freshness in summer, even if they still need to be evangelize, are particularly suitable for Paraguay Mobile Number List attracting a younger target, like certain pure-players with disruptive packs who convert 18- 25 years. On digital, 20-30 year olds weigh as much as the brand’s historical target, mainly made up of women over 50, and demonstrate strong potential. Julien Scheickardt, Chief Digital Officer Les 2 Marmottes Especially since Les 2 Marmottes products, 100% French and 100% plants, have everything to convince consumers who are more attentive to environmental issues products.

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Piece of metal to fix it) and that can go straight to the compost! How Les 2 Marmottes have infuse digital into their growth How Les 2 Mar mott have infuse digital into their growth No crisis at Les 2 Marmottes Like the entire food sector, Les 2 Mar motte did not DX Leads suffer from the consequences of the pandemic. On the contrary, confine customers consume more. Furthermore, the crisis was an opportunity to demonstrate that the direct sales model work and could survive alongside the traditional circuit. For incumbent companies, the development of digital must face three obstacles the fear of displaying prices, the risk of seeing existing distribution channels cannibalize and finally the change of organization to ensure retail sales when is structure to deliver large quantities.

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