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Anderson also struggle with resistance to negative feedback. The surprise winner of the Summer Olympics, Puerto Rican Mónica Puig, provided a positive point in our infographic. Thanks to her victory at the games, she collected more than , fans and received congratulations from stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin. Unfortunately, no Czech tennis player made it to the world’s top tennis players. We will therefore shed light on them . Penguin . a month later Author It’s been over a month since Google announced the global release of the Penguin algorithm update on its blog after a long development and testing.

But This Year’s Penguin

In what? Let’s take a good look at it from the beginning. What is Google Penguin? Google Penguin is an algorithm and one of the many signals that Google uses to evaluate websites, or backlinks to them. We noted the first version of this algorithm Benin Phone Number List back in April , when Google had to find a way to evaluate the quality of backlinks . Until then, Google’s algorithm focused primarily on the quantity and not so much on the quality of links. off it was. And it didn’t matter much how high quality and relevant those links were. And it was in April that a turning point occurred – Google introduced Penguin.

Benin Phone Number List

Is Quite Different From The Previous Ones

And penalized all websites whose link portfolio was unnatural and of poor quality. With the help of Penguin, Google has been able to do a much better job of monitoring fraudulent link practices that it has described in its own guidelines . In many DX Leads cases, there was therefore a sharp drop in positions on Google and thus also a drop in organic traffic to the affected websites. Since then, Google has regularly and long-term improved this algorithm. In total, there have been more announced updates to this algorithm with the intention of eradicating sites with poor quality link portfolios from the first pages of search results.

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