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And then the quality of Axome’s response, which provides relevant advice, with complete functional coverage, ends up convincing the digital team. In the specifications, there was also the desire to internationalize, to open up to other languages. PrestaShop therefore seem to us to be the most appropriate platform for supporting Les 2 Marmottes over the long term. Narjess Ben Abderahmen, account manager at Axome How Les 2 Marmottes have infuse digital into their growth How Les 2 Marmottes have infuse digital into their growth A wide choice of modules adapte to the activity of the company Beyond the module require for interfacing with their ERP solution, Les 2 Marmottes use Common-Services to connect.

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And the Colissimo module which streamlines preparation and shipping.  which allows a little more capacity for the extraction of orders and customer data. We have install modules for cross-selling, packs for mershandising, Creative Elements for Panama Mobile Number List the blog, Social Login for social networks and Verifie Reviews . Narjess Ben Abderahmen, account manager at Axome Finally, Axome has also develope tailor-made modules to meet the company’s business needs, give more flexibility to sliders and personalize emails. A site in perpetual evolution Axome supports the 2 Marmottes on the product, the traffic part has been entruste to another agency. As for CRM and loyalty, they are manage internally with tools implement by Axome such as Mailchimp and ShopyMind for automation.

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Of the site and the projects of evolution. We are currently developing a feature that will allow the consumer to choose their container, from a DX Leads selection of boxes, and its content according to their tastes. Narjess Ben Abderahmen, account manager at Axome Issues centered on conversion and the average basket The first results have already demonstrated internally that a suitable site can double the number of conversions and therefore the turnover. From now on, to move up a gear, the digital team is focusing on traffic and plans to acquire an AB Testing tool to optimize its landing pages. We are working on functional innovation, such as the offer of boxes, packs and web exclusivities, real sources of value and therefore of increasing the average basket.

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