The Need For Landing Page Testing

Your landing page will hardly be satisfactory at first, as there are a lot of details to get right and that depend a lot on your target audience, the segment your company is in and the propose offer. So you don’t have to change your car tire while it’s moving, do tests before putting the page online so you can correct and change whatever is necessary without despair and without harming your metrics and your business itself. The most common test perform to see how best to optimize your page is call A B. And it’s pretty simple. To do this, you can create two similar pages , different layouts or two the same for different CTAs to see which one has greater converting or attracting power.

The test can be done in several ways

With friends, with the company’s own staff or with a list of clients, for example. Select a group of people and make an equal division. For each half, submit a proposal type — A and B — so you can measure which one got the most views, hits, clicks. Finally, the one that is best accept or has the highest number of conversions is the one that should be use. There are New Zealand Phone Numbers List tools on the market, such as Hotjar, that allow you to analyze user behavior. This type of resource is essential to understand how your audience relates to the materials you are making available click-through rates, conversion rates, dwell time on your landing pages and much more.

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All this data, if analyze strategically

Can help improve your pages and create landing pages with a much greater potential for conversion, making your communication increasingly assertive and your business more profitable. However, with great powers comes great responsibilities and, therefore, we must always consider the need to work with a professional and specialize team, to guarantee that DX Leads you will absorb all the expecte results during the execution of marketing strategies, with optimizations and revisions always. that necessary. Metrics to track on your Landing Pages As I explaine earlier, landing page tests are essential to build pages that are really capable of converting and increasing the number of potential customers for your business.

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