The New Latin American Leader in Online Training Platzi Invites

This contrasts with 90% of organizations. Admitting to a shortage of employees with these skills. And simultaneously 75% of educators and students admitting. A gap in their ability to meet this market need. In terms of training, the world bank estimates. The number of people in latin america with training needs. For digital fields in various Switzerland phone number industries at 150,000 in 2020. Along the same lines , mckinsey global institute. Predicts that in 2018 in the united states, the volume. Of job offers for profiles with medium digital skills that cannot. Be cover due to lack of training. Will reach 1% of the entire north American workforce.

Digital training, key in today’s business challenges

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020 there will be 1.5 million new jobs digitiz worldwide. This round table was organized by Platzi, one of the largest startups in Colombia. With half a million active users (1M forecast for 2018) and more than 120 courses organized in 17 careers, Platzi has revolutionized online training. Freddy Vega and Christian Van Der Henst, born in Colombia and Guatemala respectively, founded the platform with the vision of facilitating valuable education for the new generation of young people and entrepreneurs, as a driver for a change in the production model in growing countries. The effort for digital training is the framework shared by Platzi and Adsmurai in this round table.


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One of the conclusions was that it is necessary to test, measure and apply simultaneously and constantly. You have to always be willing to do all three. Because if you try but you don’t know if it was effective or not and then you don’t implement it either, those tests are of little use to you.”  Another conclusion was to understand that DX Leads personalization is the key to efficiency in advertising on Social Networks. In the most classic companies, accustomed to traditional media being massive and inefficient, the erroneous perception may appear that social networks, being massive, are not efficient either.


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