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Studies by Wolfgang Digital The whole day started with an excellent lecture by the gentlemen from Wolfgang Digital , a well-known Irish SEM agency, who brushed off their lecture from SMX and presented us with the results of their study. In this study, they worked with a huge dataset of client data and collected data from retail, e-commerce and travel websites. From the total traffic of these websites, which reached million in the months of measurement, they found, for example, the following Visits from FB to the monitored websites have quadrupled over the past year. Mobiles are decision-makers, desktops are money-makers.

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Organic Google is very often the most common source of traffic . E-shops with brick-and-mortar stores have up to half the conversion rate of e-commerce than e-shops without brick-and-mortar stores. Site server speed has a major impact on Colombia Phone Number List conversion rate. And also on SEO. Speed ​​up your website, time is money. You can find their entire presentation here . Data-driven content from Search Metrics explained to the audience how outdated the keyword = landing page approach is. Based on the analysis of the TOP organic results in US Google, on which they tested a huge dataset of keywords.

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It clearly showed what is important for Google today in a year-on-year comparison . So what has changed in the top search results on US Google over the past year? The number of keywords searched for in the headline decreased – by . The number DX Leads of searched keywords in the H heading decreased – by . Average number of words per page increased – by .  decreased by . And what to take away from it? Classic evaluation factors of individual landing pages fail, and if you want to be successful in SEO, you must focus on covering topics and not keywords on your pages.

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