How to increase the audience or the number of visitors

Increasing your audience on a blog or website is a relatively different job from a community manager. Who seeks to acquire followers or members for your social networks. Visitors to a blog, therefore, cannot be compared to subscribers to a social network. In absolute terms we could assimilate the audience to a community. But in very many cases, the audience of a blog is rather volatile. Internet users do not necessarily subscribe to a blog, in the sense that they arrive. There by different means and that they are not all looking for the same thing. Let’s see for what reasons, by clearly distinguishing the audience of a blog, in comparison. The audience of a blog versus the community of a social network. To increase the audience of a blog , it is necessary to consider several parameters. Upstream and above all to know your targets well.

Blog audience and web traffic sources

The audience of a blog is a function of several criteria , and in particular the sources of web traffic that you will work with. They may change over time depending on your priorities and goals. There are 5 distinct sources of web traffic and a sixth apart, which is more related to paid actions. This is the case for advertising List of the Phone Numbers base on Google ads in particular, which is also called Search. Blog audience and web traffic sources Then you will have a multitude of data, based on the main indicators of Google Analytics . Data that will allow you to better know your global audience, and also to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This is precisely where you can work with specific audiences and thus increase your overall audience. Let’s first look at the 5 sources of web traffic and the audiences associated with them. You will be able to understand how they work and know.

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The audience linked to organic traffic

Organic traffic is based on search queries entered by Internet users. When a request is entered for example on Google, and your content appears from the first position on Google. A simple click DX Leads on your link will earn you organic traffic. It is therefore mainly earned thanks to the positions of your content on Google. The closer you are to the first Google page and the first result on your keywords, the more traffic you will generate. This organic-base traffic is directly involve in the SEO of your blog or website. We speak of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when it comes to finding positions and traffic on your site. The organic audience. If its particularity is to be directly involve in the referencing of your site, it is on the other hand volatile. That is to say that there is no concept of commitment or loyalty.

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