The Numbers In The Isbn Code Are Separated

The ITEM_ID must remain unique forever, making it possible to uniquely identify the product for the service Verified by Customers , Availability XML File or for Eureka Cart , even if the product URL changes. EAN and ISBN – another VIN? The EAN code under the <EAN> tag is used to mark individual types of goods. Heureka supports the EAN format. Do not enter your internal product numbers in the EAN, but the official product codes! The EAN code is a required entry for the category Books , Textbooks , Maps and Guides , Movies , Music and Comics . Additionally, for these items, the EAN is used to match products. Similarly, there is an ISBN under the tag.

An Alphanumeric Code Intended

Heureka supports ISBN- and ISBN- formats.  by a dash, for example. Illegal characters in HTML – you will not pass the technical test If you send values ​​with illegal characters to the advertisement the XML feed will be broken and you will not pass the Macedonia Phone Number List technical inspection of Heureka. These characters must be replaced with HTML entities, or even better, all tags where illegal characters are displayed or could be displayed, use the notation feed download acceleration – from to Heureka downloads an XML feed in PPC mode approximately every two hours – and it must be functional.

Macedonia Phone Number List

For Unique Identification Of Book Editions

If it rubs somewhere, your advertising is at risk. Before actually downloading the XML file, Heureka checks its last modification via the Last-Modified http header . Heureka therefore recommends configuring the HTTP server to send this DX Leads information in the response header. This will prevent unnecessary server load on both sides caused by downloading unchanged XML files. If your XML feed is too large, you can compress it to GZip format. Heureka quickly drags the feed wrapped in this way to itself, where it unpacks it again and places your advertisement.

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