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You can discuss current issues with them during the evening networking.  companies and . During the previous years, you had the opportunity to gather mainly practical information from purposeful business leaders who built their business from scratch, and this September will be no different. Attend a conference and connect with people who are not afraid of challenges Satori Stage, Bratislava REGISTRATION Marketing That Sells B B, B C, branding, loyalty and the world of the customer. These will be the central topics of the th edition of the spectacular marketing conference, which this year will also be attend by foreign speakers Polle de Maag.

Ministry Of World Domination And Pepe

To draw on the experience of marketing managers of well-known companies Discount of the day, O and others . This year, the main speaker will be Martin Zeman, Data Driven Era , who will give a lecture on how to defend the value of the marketer Panama Mobile Number List work in front of the CEO and CFO. The program will be really pack – don’t miss any of the lectures, lunch and the subsequent reception. Who knows what will be up for grabs in this year’s raffle? Grand Hotel Bratislava REGISTRATION Data security and availability.

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Once Again You Will Have The Opportunity

Exponent is organizing a conference in October call Data Security and Availability . Although this conference will not be about marketing as such, it is closely relate to it. In the event of a data leak, the work of the company’s marketers or DX Leads managers will be wast, so you need to be familiar with the basic rules. If you are interest in topics such as security, virtualization, storage, management and data consolidation , come to the Holiday Inn in October Web . The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence force us to look for new ways to back up and protect Big Data.

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