The Person Still Doesn’t Know The Brand

There’s only one little problem there there are billions of other sites wanting to compete with yours. So, here in this content, we re going to talk a little more about the difference between SEO and Inbound Marketing and find out how to use them effectively to convert leads into customers. Follow me! The Definitive Handbook of Inbound Marketing What is Inbound Marketing? In traditional marketing, brands go after potential customers. Right? Think of TV commercials you are watching a program and, at some point, it is interrupt to show an advertisement for a brand. You didn’t ask to see her, but she shows up anyway.

Trying to capture your attention in a variety

Of ways —even though there’s no interest on your part. With Inbound Marketing — also known as Attraction Marketing — it works differently it bets on much less invasive techniques so that you, on your own, express an interest in knowing more about the USA Phone Number List brand, only after having express this interest, the company offers a product or service. That is, as the name suggests, the audience is drawn into a sales funnel and goes through a few steps until finally becoming a customer of the brand. Therefore, we can divide Inbound Marketing into main stages . Attract but finds some content create by it (on the blog or social networks , for example) and becomes even more interest in the subject.

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Convert She likes the content

And realizes she has some kind of problem that needs to be solve or some unexplor opportunity. Therefore, it spontaneously offers a way to get in touch (usually by e-mail) so that the company can send more information on the subject. Here, we DX Leads say that the person has been convert into a lead . . Close Once the lead has given permission to contact and has express a clear interest in resolving their pain, the brand builds a relationship and then offers its solution to the problem. It is therefore much easier to convince him to become a customer . . Enchant In post-sales , the objective is precisely to delight the customer, keeping them satisfi until they become a brand ambassador , so the company must continue to keep this relationship active through new content, products or services, exclusive offers.

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