The Popularity Of Website Ad Blocking Tools

More and more users are boycotting Internet advertising. Is it possible to fight this trend? And what is the hope of success?  which are now available for all mainstream desktop browsers including Edge, which until recently did not support add-ons at all , has been growing for a long time . This is no longer the privilege of geeks , but a relatively common issue among ordinary users . According to last year’s analysis by PageFair, of users in the Czech environment use ad blocking tools , which is slightly below average by European standards, but it is a growing trend. In addition, there is a risk that it will accelerate significantly if.

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Proceeds with the implementation of the idea of ​​blocking ads at the level of the entire connection. According to his subsequent statement, however, this is apparently not likely at the moment. Regular users usually welcome this direction, but let’s look at it from the other side of the barricade – from the point of view of advertisers, marketing Nigeria Phone Number List consultants and content publishers. For all of us, this trend represents a threat – or at least a challenge that we must keep in mind in our activities. So what bothers users and how to solve it? . Choose forms that do not bother.

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Connection Providers In The Czech Republic

It is natural for users to perceive advertising as something unsolicited that accompanies the main content. Users’ desire to avoid advertising increases as this unwanted part of the content limits access to the content they are interested in. So let’s place DX Leads the advertisement on the website so that it does not restrict access to the main content . The once popular pop-up windows are fortunately a thing of the past on most servers, but some publishers place ads in no less annoying ways. Banners that overlay content and must be closed, starting with an auto-playing audio video ending.

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