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Alternative dispute resolution One of the ways to resolve a domain dispute is alternative dispute resolution at the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic. This method of dispute was creat by the Arbitration Court together with CZ.NIC and thus create a new system of alternative dispute resolution that is in accordance with the Czech legal system and European standards. In this procedure, you can only claim the cancellation of the domain name registration or its transfer . Therefore, you will not settle here with other claims, such as compensation for legal costs or compensation for damages.

With Little Cost And Quickly

As the matter is decide by an independent expert in accordance with the Order for the Resolution of Domain Disputes. The result of the proceedings is a decision, which, however, is not an enforceable title for the execution of the decision. You can Georgia Mobile Number List apply to the general court with a claim after the dispute at the Chamber has end. who register or extend the validity of a domain name on or after March , . Court way Since the above-mention resolution of the dispute and the decision of the expert do not constitute an obstacle to the initiation of legal proceedings.

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The Proceedings Take Place Electronically

You can turn to the court at any stage of the proceedings . Alternatively, choose this procedure right from the start. However, expect that you will have to wait a while for a decision in court even within a few years . On the other hand, however, you DX Leads can request compensation for legal costs or a claim for damages . And what about the case when the owner wants to transfer the domain to someone else before the dispute is decid? Preliminary measures There is a very clever institute of preliminary measures for that.

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