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That way, converting it into a lead will be much simpler, and cheaper! Data capture and analysis It is possible to integrate Google’s own tools — such as Google Analytics and Search Console — to your website and obtain, for free, very important metrics for your Digital Marketing strategy, such as Number of visits per period Number of visitors Most visite pages Average time on page Bounce rate Traffic origin Transactions Click through rate (CTR) Searche keywords. Tip Digital Marketing indicators and metrics learn how to use How to unite SEO and Inbound Marketing? When we talk about SEO , we’re not just referring to audience growth.

We’re also talking about building a brand

Positioning in the market — not just on Google. Within an Inbound Marketing plan , SEO acts as a strategy that creates a positive snowball effect with quantitative and qualitative results Quantitative the higher the page rises in the search ranking, the Austria Phone Numbers List more visitors it will attract and, consequently, the larger the audience Qualitative if the person perceives that a certain brand is always appearing in the search results, they start to see that brand as an authority . A relationship of trust is create, which is also essential for the branding strategy. delighting customers Ah, it is important to note that in Inbound Marketing projects , we must also invest in paid traffic. OK? However, if you ignore SEO within your action plan.

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You end up being held hostage by ads

Spending much more money to capture leads and generate sales. Here are some tips on how to make this union between SEO and Inbound Marketing work for your company . Create relevant content The central pillar of SEO is content , but not just DX Leads any content.  thousands of visits to your blog every day, but having a high bounce rate , that is people enter your blog, stay for a short time and leave. They don’t leave a contact, they don’t visit another page on your website, they don’t buy. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to know the persona very well and create content that really delivers value , answering the questions they had before clicking on your link or watching your video, for example.

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