The SEO checklist for WordPress articles bonus tool

When writing SEO content to position yourself on search engines, the first manager that comes to mind is WordPress. Called CMS (Content Management System) or content manager in French, WordPress is the flagship core for creating websites and/or blogs. It therefore seems appropriate to use it well to take advantage of it for your SEO. Let’s see a small checklist of points to remember when writing an article optimized for WordPress coupled with the use of an essential SEO tool. The essential solution for web editors and SEO beginners To get off to a good start in SEO, you have to be able to write well, optimize your articles and gradually learn the fundamentals of SEO with the techniques of web writing. No need to try to find out everything and then get started. If you know how to write, that’s already a good point.

The WordPress Writing Interface

Above all, know that you can opt for 2 different interfaces at the manager level; the editorial part of WordPress , accessible from the left side menu (Articles). Either the new interface called Gutenberg, where it is a question of managing blocks like page builders, or the old interface (which I use) to have an overview Dominican Republic Phone Number List of its content. If you opt for the old interface, you will need to disable Gutenberg using a plugin like Disable Gutenberg . Test both and see which one suits you. The old one is much better for me as I used to use it for many years. Also, I prefer to have an overview of my content and not be disturbed by formatting elements in the compose window. It’s just my point of view. An SEO plugin to guide you First, be sure to install an SEO plugin that will serve as a guide, but also to have simplified access to the title tag of your article and its meta-description.

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The WordPress SEO Checklist

The following points can be dealt with in the order that suits you. As soon as they are validate before publication. It will always be possible to come back to it later to improve the optimization DX Leads of your content. The H1 tag or title of your article and the subtitles The title on WordPress is attach to the HTML language. Where it is a question of Hn tags (H1, H2… H6). It represents the different heading levels within your articles; titles, subtitles, etc. These make it easier to read and segment the strengths of your content. Hn tags in SEO Hn tags are consider by Google, in order to better position your content. But they are not everything because it is a set that leads to the relevance and quality of an article. You access the choice of tags from the upper menu via the drop-down menu which indicates “Paragraph” and then Title.

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