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By an interesting topic for everyone involve. A boring conversation ends fast. If you want your customers to be always close to you. It s no use talking exclusively about business matters with them. You must provide relevant and useful information. That is of common interest between your company and the people who represent your customers. The consumer experience as an innovation factor for your communication. The consumer must be and remain at the center of your company s attention. With the optimization of their experience as an obsession. A study by Gartner in point out that, by. Consumers will be able to manage % of their relationships.

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This means that, today, people learn a lot on their own and seek. To solve all their problems in the comfort of their home or office! . Giving agility, objectivity and simplicity to routine operations between people and companies is possible through automation , eliminating Ivory Coast Phone Number List bureaucracy. Respecting and valuing people s time , allowing it to be invest intelligently and in really important human relationships , will enhance your relationship with your consumers. The optimization of processes to achieve better results in sales , generation, nurturing and distribution of leads, customer service and relationships , integrations between systems and suppliers, is part of the complex actions that a company must seek to overcome from the Internet.

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Your own, that you will build true relationships . The challenge of finding results online You want to gain the attention of your ideal customer amidst a huge amount of messages ignore on a daily basis, so let s contextualize about the competition you will face. Well-execute digital marketing actions that focus exclusively on the presentation and sale DX Leads of products or services have conversion rates that are generally seen as low. Perhaps they are not, but I will come back to that subject later. In the table below, you can find out what the audience will be need to generate a specific number of sales according to your conversion rate . Audience X Conversion Rates Number of Sales Reflects Are you monitoring your audience? Are you tracking your conversion rate?

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