The Two Graphs Shown Here Will Serve Us For This Finding

To better illustrate the behavior of politicians on Twitter, we decide to use one additional metric, namely the ratio of political and non-political tweets . By the term non-political tweet, we mean a post that does not primarily serve explicit or implicit political purposes. It can therefore be contributions of a family or personal nature, non-political travel notes or commemorative contributions to commemorate historical events. The basic assumption is that at first glance it does not appear to be a clear promotion of the politician’s political activity or the political activity of his party.

A Reaction To The Current

Behaves most informally on Twitter. Between and , we classifi nearly of his own tweets as non-political posts . His opposite is Tomio Okamura, who, on the other hand, sticks to a purely political level. Of his last tweets, not a single one was about Indonesia Mobile Number List politics. At the same time, we manage to read the relationship between the popularity of political and non-political contributions from the overall dataset. Quite interesting is the discrepancy between the average number of retweets and the average number of likes of non-political tweets. While political tweets are mostly better in the average number of retweets, the average number of likes is better in the non-political informal level for most politicians.

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Journalistic Scene Chairman Pavel

The data is interesting, but not surprising. In essence, mostly political posts will be retweet more often due to their more important nature than non-political posts, which, however, dominate the average number of likes. TOP has the most followers DX Leads At the very end, let’s take a look at the basic statistics of the ten political parties whose presidents we have already present above. Their Twitter accounts were create much earlier, mostly during . The ČSSD together with the KDU-ČSL were the first to boast of their Twitter account on January.

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