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Of course in terms of production and placement costs, these formats are more demanding than a simple banner campaign, and its results are harder to measure. But thanks to banner blindness and the general oversaturation of users with classic formats, they can easily surpass them. . Be helpful Serve added value to the user. Sure, you probably won’t achieve that with a banner ad. But for example, a quality PR article that, in addition to promoting the company product, contains useful information, that’s a completely different song! Content marketing is the current trend and let’s face it – it’s a good trend. Are you writing about the cool sunglasses you sell.

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Of course . Do you sell air tickets to Thailand? He doesn’t have the slightest reason to block these types of ads , not even technically in his mind. And actually it’s not even possible. In short, a win-win situation. . Take advantage of technical possibilities After all, do you want to impose classic Internet advertising even on people who reject it through various Norway Phone Number List blockers? Of course, even that is partially possible. You won’t get to see the original ad, but at least you can detect the blocking and deal with it somehow. A suitable procedure, which more and more websites are resorting to.

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On How To Choose Quality Glasses If They Are Yours

To politely ask the user to turn off ad blocking on this domain and explain to him the importance of advertising funding the operation of the website, fair remuneration to the people who participate in it. It’s a bad idea to hard block all content DX Leads on the siteuntil the blocker turns off. On the one hand, it is inconsiderate towards beginners, who unknowingly block advertising for example, on a borrowed device , on the other hand, it gives an arrogant impression. This practice also increases the pressure to develop blocking tools towards greater sophistication and undetectability.

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