The Variants Will Then Be Displayed In The Product

In addition Heureka expands the mandatory parameters, and only the size parameter in the Fashion section is no longer mandatory. How to correctly enter the parameters in the XML file can be found here and the current list of parameters can be found here . Optional but suitable parameters include Distribution . Although it is not possible to filter the goods according to it, it is display in the product detail and thus distinguishes you from the competition. In any case, this parameter is only display for offers with Heureka Basket. ITEM_TYPE – New or Use? With the tag identifies the exact carrier through which you are sending the goods.

Has A List Of About Carriers

Among the carriers that do not deliver the goods to your home, Heureka Point has an exception, or Save because it is a Heureka service. You will not find the shipping company in the offer of carriers. One product, different variants For example, if you Namibia Phone Number List have an Adidas t-shirt in sizes S, M, L, XL and in the colors red, blue, green and black, put the same label for each product grouping these products under one group with the tag. list as follows Do you also sell accessories? If you are selling goods that could also be use as accessories for your other goods phone charger, spare packaging, etc.

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Who Will Deliver The Goods To Your Home

Use the tag and include the data from the of the product relate to the accessory. In the product list, the accessories will then be display as follows GIFT – everyone likes gifts A gift with purchase goods is a popular business move that works. Even in Heureka, you can impress in this way. In the tag , write what the customer will get as a gift when DX Leads purchasing the product, then it will look like this in the product list Attention, the gift is only an item or a voucher for a specific item, not a service e.g. free shipping or a discount e.g. a discount on a purchase.

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