There Are Still More Than 80 Billion Euros Made Directly By Companies

Take height In general, flow management centralizes data and makes it easy to collect information that may be of interest to you as part of a management dashboard turnover, number of orders, average basket, popular products, customer recurrence. Soledis, through its NodalVision offer and its expertise in Google Data Studio, is also an expert in the design of dashboards of this type and the associate flow management. The development of the punch-out on your PrestaShop site Face with the growing demand from its BtoB customers, the Sol edis development studio has designe a PrestaShop module on estimate.

Which allows the management

Of the supplier catalog as soon as it is convere into an index an exportable file which defines the rules of display of catalog items negotiate prices, product selection, etc. . The module also defines the access rules to this index using user authentication on the Philippines Mobile Number List Prestashop interface. This PrestaShop purchasing platform, which allows the control and formatting of the display of this index to end users, must of course be personalize . For example, it is necessary to deactivate the delivery functions, the payment stages, the validation stages of the order process, etc. And finally, in the PrestaShop basket, the buyer can choose to “repatriate the basket” so that it is transmitte to the e-procurement solution.

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The basket will then be converted into

A purchase request  and submitte to the internal approval process of the e-procurement system. Already in place with major Soledis accounts for the benefit DX Leads of the purchases of CAC40 companies or even LEROY MERLIN. this semi-standardize module is an easy-to-access first brick in your process of digitizing your purchasing department. Five tips for growing your business internationally By The PrestaShop Team – November 9, 2021 – schedule 5 minutes What is the Facebook Conversions API and why is it important for your e-commerce? With the internet, sales have no borders. Internationally, e-commerce is recording annual growth of 30%, while in Europe, including the Unite Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway, it recorded in 2020, excluding travel, a turnover of 198 .5 billion euros. Even if the marketplaces weigh for 58% of this result with 115.4 billion euros.

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