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It is therefore more than desirable to familiarize yourself with the Civil Code primarily focus on the part concerning the conclusion of contracts with the consumer or consult a lawyer to be sure. . Do you use the newsletter? Of course yes. And it also has legal requirements, here they are the e-mail must clearly indicate that it is a commercial communication the sender’s identity must not be hidden or conceal the addressee must be able to refuse to receive further e-mails free of charge In addition, there is a registration obligation for entrepreneurs who process and store personal data . These e-mail marketers must register with the Office for the Protection of Personal Data.

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Incorrect provision of price information If you accidentally or intentionally offer goods at the wrong price and the customer orders them at this lower price, you are oblige to sell them the goods at the state price . In order to conclude a contract, only the good will Kuwait Phone Number List of the consumer is sufficient .  where the court rule in favor of a consumer who claim that he could not have recognize that it was a wrong price, because nowadays discounts are nothing special. Who is responsible for posts in discussions? As e-shop operators, you are generally not responsible for the content of discussions on your page.

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You are only responsible for the content you write yourself. But be careful. If you become aware that potentially illegal content has appear in your discussion think racial slurs , you must use the due diligence require of you as a business to consider DX Leads whether the content may be in violation of the law , and where applicable, such posts remove or disable. Unlicens Images You probably know that you shouldn’t download and post images from anywhere on the internet without using sources. If you use images from photobanks , don’t forget to keep proof of payment or a license agreement when you buy photos, for example.

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