There Have Been A Minimum Of Negative Changes

How did Penguin play out You’ve been able to see the effects of Penguin . since early September , when keyword position trackers start reporting that something was up. Gradually, they all record significant changes in the monitor phrases in Google results. However, as in the case of previous updates, few people publicly boast that their website suffere after the Google update. The majority of reactions to Penguin on the Czech and foreign scene were therefore completely positive. The data we monitor for our clients also looks optimistic.  positive ones prevail, including the complete recovery of several sites from previous Penguins.

Why Were The Changes So Small

It is already the th generation of the algorithm – we have all learn to live with it and follow its rules. Whoever deserved the penalty got it in the past. Now, Penguin just embellish and deploy in real-time mode. Removal of penalty in practice One of Brazil Phone Number List our clients has historically been affec by Penguin . and came to us saying, among other things, that he would like to get rid of this penalty. He knew about the need to wait for the next algorithm update. We saw him together this September. With the arrival of Penguin , there was a drastic improvement in the positions and with it the number of visitors by approx.

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In My Opinion Simply Because

In addition, microformats , which until this time were completely ignored by Google, also began to appear in Google’s SERP. The display of microformats by Google is one of the signals that the website is fine from Google’s point of view. How to fight DX Leads Penguin? The basis is a natural link profile If you follow the following points, you should not have to worry about penalties. If you’re already penalized, you should be able to spot bad links with this tutorial. You won’t find specific examples here – just guidelines that your links should follow.

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