There Is No Real Need To Spend To Position Yourself

Choose a lexical field related to your activity and make a fairly long and interesting description. Finally, add photos, videos, your contact forms and your website. Registering on Google My Business will allow you to be visible on Google Maps. To optimize your presence on Google Maps, collect positive reviews. Finally, be aware that having the mention place with edits on your Google My Business listing will not affect your SEO. Step 3 Get customer reviews For local SEO, reviews are very important. Indeed, Google Maps offers a sorting system by price, by rating, but also by time.

Sorting by rating is very often used

Because Internet users want the best. How to optimize the local SEO of your online store? How to optimize the local SEO of your online store? Sorting starts at two stars and increases from 0.5 to 0.5. You should know that most people ask for establishments Bahrain Mobile Number List with a rating greater than or equal to 4 or 4.5/5. The note is therefore essential, otherwise you will go by the wayside. Do not get fooled. When contacting your customers, ask them to leave a review on Google or on one of the directories where you are. Step 4 Appear in directories Appearing in directories is always a big help.

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Especially if you appear in local directories

This will assure Google that your site ranks well among DX Leads that industry and geography. If you appear in different directories, it means that your store is known and deserves to be visible in search results. To do this, calling on a specialized PrestaShop e-commerce agency is relatively important. The two ways to work on your local SEO There are two types of local SEO. Here is what differs from one to the other. Free local SEO Local SEO is free in most cases. On the other hand, if all the previous steps do not work, you can do otherwise. This decision is not to be taken lightly and you must first calculate whether it is profitable. Paid local SEO Paid local SEO consists of paying to position yourself on specific keywords. For example hotel Paris.

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