There’s Nothing Like Personalized Emails

There are indeed automation software that allow you to create series of emailings triggered by certain actions. When a visitor has just subscribed to your online store’s newsletter or created an account. A welcome email is automatically sent to them, for example. You can also create flows for a first purchase, an anniversary or even a cart abandonment. 5. Work on the preview text The preview text is just the few words that appear below the subject , to give more information about the content of the email. Again, you need to be concise, precise, to the point, and impactful . This piece of sentence indeed comes in support of the object, in order to encourage the recipient to open the message.

Be inventive and highlight the benefits

That the customer will derive from reading the content of the message use verbs with strong marketing power discover , benefit , etc. ; point out the advantage new , discount , promotion , gift , etc. ; keep it simple. 6. Use first and last name If it is important to Cameroon Mobile Number List mention the first name of the recipient in the subject of the email, it is also recommended to keep this habit in the body of the message. Start your mail by addressing the recipient by their first and last name. The consumer likes to feel unique, valued, recognized . By giving them this feeling, you are building a strong and lasting customer relationship . 7. Use an appropriate tone Depending on the age of the recipient or the type of product purchased.

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It is possible to adapt the tone use

In the body of the message . The trick is knowing how to clearly define your positioning and staying consistent . 8. Customize CTAs Sending an DX Leads email is usually intended to generate engagement and therefore invite action . Your call to action must also be personalized and correspond to the recipient’s expectations . Create a link to a product page likely to interest them or to a blog article related to their areas of interest. Send personalized emails with PrestaShop modules Thanks to the PrestaShop modules , you can more easily create your personalized email campaigns according to the actions carried out. To engage your prospects and customers.

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