These Words Commonly Have A Higher Search Volume

You may be able to define more than one persona, and that s not a problem. It is important, however, to assess the differences between these groups and act efficiently in each of them. Base on important information about each persona, such as their challenges, needs and purchase objections, it is possible to do a keyword study more focuse on your audience. Keywords need to consider search volume, as we ll explain next. However, it is also essential that they are aligne with your persona , so that the results really make sense. Marketing objectives and goals Having a clear marketing objective is also an important step before we start studying keywords.

If your proposal is just to increase traffic

To your pages, for example, it is possible that keywords that are mainly relate to attraction and top-of-funnel strategies are really efficient.  as they are more comprehensive and not so specific about their results and user intent. However, if your goal is to increase the number of sales opportunities and qualifie leads, creating content focus on more specific Ukraine Phone Number List and target topics may be the best option . In this context, it is common for the keywords use to have a lower search volume, as they are much more restricte and specific to a persona need. All these details will help guide your keyword research. Of course, some of these tools can help bring valuable insights into search terms that have not yet been considered.

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However one thing is certain the clearer

Your marketing objective and your personas are, the greater the chances that you will list the most strategic terms for your business. Planning Still following the logic of the marketing objective, having a plan can also be very important to start the DX Leads keyword research process. In this planning, it is interesting that you point out questions such as what will be the focus products or services what is the communication plan for the quarter which strategies will be use who are your competitors what kind of content will be usd what will be the budget.

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