They Are Distinguished By Phrase Length

With this information in hand, you will be able to carry out a more efficient search, with a quarterly focus, and define exactly how often it will be necessary to redo the keyword study, defining new key terms according to theme, objectives and priorities. In this planning, don t forget to evaluate who your most expressive competitors are and do some research to understand how they are behaving online, what their marketing actions are, for which terms they tend to rank well, etc. This can even give you some ideas and guide your keyword strategy. What are the Types of Keywords? Keywords are separate into three categories head tail , middle tail , and long tail .  which affects search results.

Head tail The head tail or short

Tail category is the most sought after in searches because it brings simpler and shorter terms, with one or two words, usually. They describe a context in a direct, general and broad way – digital marketing , for example. Middle tail Middle tail keywords — or middle tail — refer to more specific terms, being more aligne with user searches . The competition Uruguay Phone Number List is less, but it still offers a certain challenge. An example is digital marketing strategies . Long tail Long tail or long tail words have a high degree of specificity, achieving a search objective with accuracy. These are terms with low competition, several words and that are usually search for by the effective target audience – such as digital marketing agency in Rio Grande do Sul.

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They are more comprehensive and less specific, have a higher search volume and are able to increase traffic to your pages. However, this will not DX Leads always be the best investment context for your company. This evaluation needs to be done thoroughly and will depend on your marketing objective if you want to increase traffic indiscriminately, head tail strategies may be more interesting. But, on the other hand, if your goal is to bring a much more segment audience closer to the purchase decision process, it may be more interesting to work with long tail words, which have a less expressive search volume, but which can bring people much more interest in what your company has to offer, thus increasing your sales potential.

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