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That our digital knowledge is more professionally mature? Unfortunately not yet! Smart companies want to take advantage of the opportunities. That are on the Internet and are relentlessly looking for new ways to do marketing. To attract an audience with more affinity with their brands. The expecte result? Sales, revenue and profit. Results like the ones we generate for Famiglia Valduga in the midst. Of the crisis, causing the company to increase the number of sales in its e-commerce by x. The continuity of this project built a content empire that increas its sales by.

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As the customer s vision reach, today their access to information is unrestricte.  that previously did not compete side by side, making the game increasingly difficult. Customer ignorance is no longer an advantage for companies and whoever is ahead Iran Phone Number List wins! The consumer is in control! Trying to win in this scenario, a massive amount of advertisements are being presente in people s routine, who unconsciously or consciously. start to ignore them in their emails, social networks, search engines and other media. What was supposed to be a simple, quick and cheap marketing solution has become complex, requiring constant adaptation and professionalism to generate results.

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Understand that there is no more room for digital betting. It takes strategy, planning and professionalism in execution! What to do? As a company, you want your digital marketing actions to be notice and your ideal customer to spend as much time in contact with your brand as possible and, of course, buying! Good. and now? See what Seth Godin explaine to us in the book Permission Marketing in Permission Marketing is the privilege not the right to deliver DX Leads early, personalize and relevant messages to the people who want to receive them. He recognizes the new power of consumers to ignore marketing. He understands that treating people with respect is the best way to get their attention . What does that mean? Think about a conversation you had with someone that lastd a lot longer than you expecte, that was nice and that you want to repeat.

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