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Have Czech politicians learn to use Twitter? Are they on it daily, or do they post only once every six months? And who is the most popular with their fans on Twitter? In the following analysis, we will look in detail at the activity of the leaders of the strongest political parties on this social network. Most users follow Babiš For the following analysis, we chose the chairmen of the ten currently strongest political parties, which are, in alphabetical order, Andrej Ivan  Pavel Petr Filip, Miroslav Kalousek, Petr Mach, Tomio Okamura. During the selection, we focus primarily on their current significance on the political scene. All the following data are relevant as of.

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As the first of the politicians name above, quite surprisingly, the chairman of the Communist Party of Ukraine Vojtěch Filip establish his own account on Twitter, already at the beginning of . Most politicians join Twitter between and.  that the home Hungary Mobile Number List political parties of the above-mention politicians overwhelmingly establish an account already during . In terms of the number of followers, the leader of the ANO movement, Andrej Babiš, clearly leads, who has more than ten times the number of followers than any other leader namely. The second in the order, the leader of TOP , Miroslav Kalouska, is follow by users.

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On the contrary, the least follow is the already mention Chairman of the Communist Party of the Czech Republic, Vojtěch Filip, who is follow by only users. Prime Minister Sobotka is the most frequent tweeter For the analysis of the recent activity of the chairmen on Twitter, we chose the period between April and August . Unfortunately, we miss out from DX Leads the following filter Mr Bartoš, Stropnický and Filip, for whom we did not record any activity during this period the only exception is Ivan Bartoš, however, due to the existence of only one tweet, the analysis of his profile would not be completely relevant.

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