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If you haven’t updated your AdWords Editor yet, definitely do so. Ads in Messenger Facebook is launching direct response and simple image ads on Messenger to begin with . Users will see advertisements on the main page of this mobile application. When clicked, they’ll be taken to a location you specify, either a website or Messenger conversations. Since Messenger is used by more than . billion people worldwide, running ads in the app is a logical step. New targeting option on Facebook Facebook will make it possible to target advertising to all members of the household. When setting up Facebook ads, you will now be offered the option to activate the Household Audience feature.

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By all companies offering a product that the family decides on together. So, for example, travel agencies advertising vacations. Instagram makes influencer partnerships more transparent Instagram is testing a new Paid Partnership With , which will inform Portugal Phone Number List the relationship between an influencer and a business. The new tool will allow the user to easily and quickly mark the company with which he cooperates. A test version of paid partnership labels will appear in posts and stories . This tool performs two basic functions companies get an overview of contribution statistics paid collaborations will be much more transparent to other users on Instagram.

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Snapchat trumps Instagram Snapchat will allow you to share links to websites . Brands and regular users will be able to add a link to snaps. Snapchat is thus one step ahead of Instagram, which only has links in the bio or stories of corporate accounts DX Leads with more than , fans. We are curious about the further development of the competitive struggle of social giants. Instagram expands advertising options But Instagram is not idle even in the summer, when creating an audience you can choose reverse targeting for video, lead and business profiles.

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