This Is The Role Of The Satisfaction Questionnaire

Thanks to the questionnaire, you give the floor to the customer , you value him. He understands that his voice matters. This feeling can only give him a good image of your brand and build a lasting relationship. The satisfaction questionnaire is therefore an essential marketing tool for your online store. It allows you to: better understand consumer desires. Which can give you ideas for developing your products; better understand the purchasing behavior of your target. Know how to quickly respond to their dissatisfaction. 2. Formulate: what questions to ask.

The nature of the questions will

Of course depend on your objective Unless you want to submit a global questionnaire that touches on several areas, you will not deal with the same subjects depending on whether you have decided to target an after-sales service experience or a purchasing experience. In terms of form , several presentations exist. Multiple choice questions This format is Uruguay Mobile Number List interesting because it does not require the client to write. This point is important because consumers do not appreciate spending time on satisfaction surveys. However, writing a response requires a minimum of thought and can put some customers in difficulty. It is always possible to add a text box to your form, in order to allow inspired customers to be able to answer your question at greater length or add a comment.

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Here is an example of a multiple-choice question

Do we need to evolve our delivery system? yes, with shorter deadlines; yes, with lower shipping costs; yes, with free shipping above a certain purchase DX Leads amount; yes, with the possibility of picking up the parcel at a relay point; no, everything is perfect! The main drawback is the lack of additional details provided by the customer, if he does not use the text box. Scale questions They allow the customer to rate an experience , a product, a service or one of their characteristics on a scale of 1 to 5. Completing this type of questionnaire is quick and fun for the customer. Here is an example of a scaled question: On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your service experience? The main drawback is the lack of explanations.

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