This Is Where Copywriting Or The Art Of Selling

With words comes in What is copywriting Copywriting is a marketing copywriting technique, the primary objective of which is to persuade the reader to buy a product or service , through writing. How to sell through writing? To convince visitors to your site to buy your products just by reading your About page, you must put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and answer their primary questions : Is this product right for me? ; What solution does it bring to my problem? ; How will I benefit by purchasing the product? In terms of form , write sentences: written in the first person singular or plural ; short, in order to give rhythm.

To the story and make the reader want

To read the next sentence; hard-hitting, in order to capture his attention; ventilated, so as not to drown the reader. 3. Provide proof of the notoriety of your products and the satisfaction of your customers Consumers like to feel that they are not the only ones buying a product. They want to feel reassured . What could be better in this case than to prove that Ireland Mobile Number List your articles please and satisfy other buyers? To show visitors that your products are must-haves and must-haves , your About page will include: photos of customers caught using your products; videos of the same type; photos of your team members, to humanize the brand; statistics illustrating your performance.

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Excerpts from press articles extolling

The merits of your products; highlighting of prizes received or other awards ; excerpts of positive comments left by your customers. 4. Think about local natural referencing Although the user experience is essential to sell your products, the SEO DX Leads of your site , and in particular of your About page, is just as important. In order for your presentation page to be correctly referenced by search engines and appear in the first results of the Serp , consider: integrate relevant keywords especially long-tail , without overusing them; work on the lexical field of your page; prioritize your page, using titles and subtitles; integrate images that you have correctly sized and referenced. If your company is targeting a local target , in this case be sure to insert the name of your city, your department or any neighboring towns, without this being cumbersome.

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