This type of referencing must be considered

Because it is possible that the keywords chosen are little sought after. Indeed, with a specific geographical area, a minimum number of people must be concerned. For example “hotel Creuse” will require less resources in paid local referencing than “hotel Paris. » To conclude, this SEO strategy is more than interesting. Professionals appear more in local searches and the online store receives good optimization. All these elements will be favorable to the overall popularity of the website. In 2021, e-commerce represents 13.4% of retail trade. We note an increase of 3.6% in two years online commerce is more and more rooted in our consumption habits.

SEA tips for your e-commerce

By Achille Catel – December 29, 2021 – schedule 5 minutes Module for B2B e-commerce Battle horse of e-merchants, the position in search engine results increases the number of visitors to its website and therefore its turnover. Natural referencing requires patience and resources, while paid referencing requires technical foundations in order to properly Belarus Mobile Number List structure and build your paid advertising account. This article offers you some of our best tips for a successful natural and paid SEO strategy on Google . This exhaustive list does not adapt to all activities, but should concern the greatest number. Top 3 of our SEO tips to improve your natural referencing Tip 1 improve the technical SEO of your site The first advice from our SEO agency to improve the referencing of its website concerns technical SEO.

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This is the basis of an effective natural referencing strategy

What is it about ? Technical SEO includes all the actions DX Leads undertaken to ensure the best exploration and indexing of a site by search engine robots. Technical SEO optimization aims to obtain better positioning in the SERPs (search engine results page). Here are some SEO best practices The robots.txt file this is an important file that is read first by search engine robots during the consideration of a site. It allows you to give crawl and therefore exploration instructions to them. It must therefore be well optimized and worked in order to exclude the typologies of inconsistent pages in the crawl and thus improve the crawl budget.

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