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Evolutive Group The new modules and the essentials for success To support this transformation and meet new customer expectations, thanks to the community of PrestaShop developers, innovations are regularly emerging. The latest is the TikTok module, the favorite social network of Generation Z with more than 1 billion active users. A novelty available on the Addons Marketplace, where it will notably find the suite of PrestaShop Essentials modules: modules dedicated to the growth of merchant sites with in particular PrestaShop Checkout, or even PrestaShop Facebook launched in February 2021. Optimal web performance To help all merchants grow, PrestaShop has also designed PrestaShop Platform.

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Of SMEs and ETIs, in order to improve their conversion, their referencing and the browsing experience on their site, in particular mobile. A strategic performance, particularly in the run-up to end-of-year purchases which, with Black Friday, lead to peaks in Taiwan Mobile Number List attendance, whether for the preparation of wishlists or online sales. Finally, a performance that also involves improving digital skills with PrestaShop Academy, which aims to provide a real response to all e-commerce players with a wide range of training courses around PrestaShop products, from a profession as technique.How to create the visual identity of your brand? By Yves Attias – November 3, 2021 PrestaShop puffin unlocking ideas Does visual identity speak to you? For a brand to become known.

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Its notoriety also depends on more down-to-earth considerations, such as the visual elements associated with your brand . How to successfully create your DX Leads visual identity ? What are the rules on this? How to create your logo? How do you visually bring your brand to life? Explanations. What is a brand’s visual identity? The visual identity of a brand is made up of all the visual elements that symbolize it. They make up what is called the graphic charter . Why create your visual identity? If you want your brand to be recognizable among a hundred, you must have a strong visual identity. Thanks to these different elements, you can indeed be identified quickly and easily , without necessarily needing to see the name of your brand, or even your logo.

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