Thus We Suggest That Customers Focus Their Energy

Since its launch, for example, we have add a blog to boost Champgrand’s natural referencing. The connection with Sora Caisse SOP also took place after going online. Strategic help through data visualization In addition, we offer a PrestaShop Google Data Studio Connector module and an associate service offer Flow configuration from the PrestaShop site of course, but also from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, an ERP or CRM, cash register software or the client’s Excel files. Design of dashboards according to the client’s KPIs Monthly reading of dashboards to help decision-making Google Data Studio is a powerful data visualization tool.

But getting start and designing dashboards

Requires time and technical knowledge.  on analyzing the data collect by the various tools. They can thus make the right decisions to develop their e-commerce activity. Sale regulations are you sure you are complying with them? By Yves Attias – January 11, 2022 – schedule 5 minutes Sale regulations are you sure you are complying with them? Sales Afghanistan Mobile Number List are always an opportunity to boost your business , whether you have just open your online store or have been managing your e-commerce site for many years. In order not to place yourself in contravention of the law, it is nevertheless important to respect the regulations in this area. What is the current legal framework for sales.

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Which are the errors to avoid

Here are some tips for making a success of your DX Leads sales without making any odds. When are we allow to start the sales? Traditional legal periods Contrary to what one might think, it is not possible to improvise sales at any time of the year. There are in fact two periods of official sales , whose start and end dates are strictly regulate. As an online merchant, you are require to follow the same schedule as physical stores for winter sales They start on the second Wednesday of January, or the first Wednesday if the second falls after January 12; summer sales They begin on the last Wednesday of June, or the penultimate, if the last Wednesday falls after June 28.

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