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Time to go timeless  having a timeless logo is a solid basis for your brand, no matter what your plans are. With these examples as inspiration you can create a logo that defies time and will keep on giving for generations to come. Looking for a logo that will never age? Our designers can create the perfect timeless logo for you. Yes please! About the author: Annabel Herrick is a freelance journalist and copywriter, specialising in travel and art/design. She has travelled all over the world on commission, in between working on commercial copywriting projects with big name brands, like Google and Casio. Her adventures have included interviewing a fashion designer in Montreal, hunting desert art installations in California, reviewing restaurants in Tel Aviv, trying ‘vinotherapy’.

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Design proudly makes reference to thousands of years of traditional Japanese arts while also being contemporary and modern. The style’s clear, strong Real Estate Photo Editing voice ranges from simple design, geometrics and spots of color to loud mascots, cute patterns and cartoons. From minimalism to pop, we can see Japanese design’s influence all over the West and beyond. Let’s take a look and see how you can bring Japanese design inspiration into your own work! A short history of Japanese design — Japanese design in general has been heavily influenced by the world around it. Japan is a country with a very diverse artisan craft tradition. Ceramics, woodcut prints, calligraphy, origami, kabuki theatre.

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Of the arts developed there. These art forms have influenced Western Art and Design for hundreds of years—Japanese woodblock prints, for DX Leads example, influenced many famous Western artists, such as Gustav Klimt and Vincent Van Gogh. Japanese paintings A Hokusai woman in contrast to Gustav Klimt. Note the similarity of the patterns. Via Wikipedia. Japanese paintings and their influence See the fluid movement of the wave of Hokusai influencing the movement in the sky of Van Gogh. Via Wikipedia. The 1600s—1800s advertising poster from the Edo period Advertising poster from the Edo period. Via The Ad Museum Tokyo. In the Edo period (1603-1868), Japan flourished economically and culturally. Design and creativity flourished, too. Japanese advertisers were pioneers in the way they marketed products and services.

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