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Your Office Chair Tip Take Breaks at Work for Stretching and Short Walks Tip Watch Your Couch, Your Distance to Your Rack and TV Installation Tip Consult a Doctor Tip Offer your content through a blog Qualify your customer enough for him to make the  right decision! Content Marketing is a way to deliver value to your target audience by creating unique , relevant and valuable content, attracting, engaging and generating value for people in order to create a positive perception of your brand and thus generate more business. According to a survey by the Burst Media Survey , % of adults between the ages of and are influenced by blogging at the time of their purchase decision.

The blog is the main content platform

Your company has It is through it that you disseminate your team s know-how , attracting people interested in what you have to say. The blog s mission is to generate authority for your venture , showing what your company is capable of and why it is the Lithuania Phone Number List best solution provider that people might want to hire. Organize your routine to publish at least one new article on your blog per week . Having discipline will please your readers and Google will too! Organica itself, for example, has been in Google s top for more than search terms since it launched its blog. This generates a total of over , new visitors per month.

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The number of hits on our website by , %. Investing in content is seeking an audience of your own, active and qualified, and you will benefit much more Authority producing content about your company context, not your products services, will position your DX Leads company and your spokespeople as a source of information and inspiration. Targeted and Effective The right content will appeal to your company s target audience and increase your conversion. Relationship You will deliver value to your target audience before asking them for any money. Preference in choice your content will make such a difference in the lives of your audience, that they will prefer to hire you.

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