Tips to boost the SEO of your WordPress site

Correctly referencing your website is a major step in ensuring not only the success but also the sustainability of your WordPress site . Indeed, a properly optimized site will generate more audience that can potentially provide you with more income or even the necessary motivation to continue to develop your project because people are interest in it. Natural referencing also called SEO (for Search Engine Optimization) is based on many techniques to ensure that your site is ranked best on search engines. You therefore obtain more visibility and therefore logically more visitors. Ideally, we are looking for the first position on Google on our main keywords. There are many tips to boost your SEO and that’s what we’re going to see through this article! Understanding SEO Before talking in more detail about the various tips that can help you gain places in search engine rankings, and therefore increase your visibility.

The power of keywords

It is difficult to fully know how a search engine algorithm works. In order to rank the different results it will return to you during a query. However, some major criteria are identified and it is with Slovenia Phone Number List these that you will have to work. Optimizing every detail in order to increase your progress towards. The top of the ranking (reaching the first results of a search according to certain words- keys). It is also a question of knowing the main Google algorithms in order to respect certain rules. Obviously, a criterion that should not be ignore is the keywords. These are essential so that the engine identifies in more detail the content of your web pages, the subject you are dealing with and thus the theme addressed. You’re going to have to learn how to use the wanted ones sparingly while understanding how to place them in your articles.

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Other criteria not to ignore

Another element that engines have highlighted in recent years is the loading speed of your pages. There are several reasons for this, but the most logical is that not everyone has an excellent connection. And that the mobile market accounts for a large DX Leads share of Internet traffic. Although 5G is coming, mobile connections are much slower and it is important. That everyone can access a website quickly with any device and this with the weakest connection. Managing your external and internal links is also an important point. If many websites cite your WordPress site via a link pointing to your site’s address. This will give you good points (if of course the sites citing you are consider suitable because otherwise it can also be related to The advertisement). It will therefore be important to work on this point via partnerships, for example.

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