Understand search engines and social networks to gain visibility

The visibility and traffic sought by companies are mainly related to their website. That is to say that all the actions deployed on the Internet. Via social networks in particular, aim to redirect traffic to its website. At the same time, the work carried out on referencing via search engines generally represents. The most important part of the visibility gained online by companies. It is therefore essential to understand how search engines and social networks work when looking for visibility. The importance of the website and blog for your business The distribution of content is essential in the era of the web , and even more so as digital technology takes hold within companies. If the website hosts the company’s product/service offer , it makes sense to attract Internet users and future prospects to this channel. Admittedly, there is a proportion of companies that work on image and notoriety, and that deploy actions to achieve these objectives.

You don’t know the company

If you do not know the company, you will ensure a search via Google according to the service(s) sought. In the results pages (SERPs), different content will appear, and this is where a company must Sri Lanka Phone Number List work on its natural referencing to appear there. In general, we seek to reach the first position on Google on its keywords. A job that requires real expertise and a lot of patience. The importance of the website and blog for your business The stakes of an online presence , through the content created by a company, remains one of the most sought-after axes to date and it will only increase. SEO experts or SEO consultants will be more and more popular professions in the years to come. The website and its content are therefore essential for any company wishing to gain online visibility. Without content, a business is borderline invisible, because nothing points to it to make it easier to find.

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The digital strategy A classic and logical scheme

As part of a digital strategy , it is a question of starting from the channel. Where the content of the company will be hosted . It is generally a question of the website and the blog tab from which the said content is accessible. The blog represents the dynamic part of the site and the other pages are those. Where various DX Leads information about the company is shared, such as its contact details, its commercial offer, the contact page, etc. These pages represent the static part of the website. The digital strategy: A classic and logical scheme Then we decide on the external channels, such as social networks, where the content will be shared. It is therefore necessary to know the different advantages and disadvantages of social networks and Understanding online visibility. And gain visibility, thanks to the different sources of web traffic.

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